Essay Strategies

  1. First off, understand that no matter what the question is, the essay you’re writing is about YOU.
  2. Read the question.  90%, yes, 90% of people who apply for scholarships do not make the final cut because THEY MESSED UP THE APPLICATION IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.  Don’t be one of the 90%!
  3. Break down the essay question.  How many parts does it have?  Is there a particular structure or process it suggests you to follow (ie:  describe XX, then tell why XX, and explain what you learned from XX)?
  4. Is there research involved (don’t let this scare you!  Or is the prompt simply about YOU?
  5. Why do you think the scholarship application asks this particular question?  (It helps to know what the scholarship is about, who founded it, what the mission of the organization is, why they are providing the scholarship money, etc).  Internet research can help you find this information, but if you’re drawing a blank, make a phone call!
  6. Remember, all scholarship essays are a vehicle to write about YOU, so why or how do you think the judges can get to know you through your response?
  7. Present Tense when possible, eliminate adjectives and adverbs.  Examples:
  8. My dad is a brutal man. to My dad is a tyrant.I ran quickly. to I sprint.
  9. Set Goals and a Theme for your essays

During the seminar, we will look at each of these elements.  Examples will also be given.